Does DSW Shoes Sell Uggs?

Does DSW Shoes Sell Uggs?

Those of you who love high-quality shoes may be familiar with UGGs. The cozy sheepskin boots have become a fashion staple, beloved globally. If you are wondering where to buy a pair of Uggs, the first question you will have is, “Does DSW Shoes sell Uggs?” Yes, it does as of 2023! Let’s look more closely at this question.

Does DSW Shoes Sell Uggs? 

Yes, DSW Shoes sells UGGs. They sell a variety of UGG boots, booties, slippers, and other UGG footwear for women and men. They offer a wide variety of UGG products online and in-store. There is no better place than DSW Shoes to discover classic UGG boots, trendy styles, or cozy slippers.

There is no better place than DSW Shoes for shoe enthusiasts. This well-known American footwear retailer offers a wide selection of shoes, boots, sandals, and accessories for men, women, and children. And among their wide range of products, you can find a fantastic selection of UGG boots, booties, slippers, and more for both women and men. As a result, DSW Shoes is a destination for UGG enthusiasts, having embraced the UGG phenomenon and recognized the demand for this iconic brand.

Women’s UGG Boots and Booties at DSW

If you want luxurious comfort and timeless style, DSW is the place to shop. Their UGG Boots and Booties collection for Women is a treasure trove of cozy fashion that caters to every taste and preference. Here are some stylish UGG footwear options at DSW designed to elevate your game with sophistication and warmth.

1. Kristin Wedge Bootie:

In the Kristin Wedge Bootie, you can enhance your style with a versatile and chic option for almost any occasion. With a flattering wedge heel, soft sheepskin lining, and water-resistant suede upper, this bootie provides all-day comfort and elegance. The Kristin Wedge Bootie effortlessly blends fashion and coziness, whether you are dressing up for a night out or wearing your favorite jeans.

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2. Naiyah Boot:

You will love the Naiyah Boot. This boot features a sleek lace-up design, a plush sheepskin lining, and a durable Treadlite by UGGTM outsole for added traction and durability.

3. Classic Gem Mini Bootie:

The Classic Gem Mini Bootie will add a touch of glamour to any winter ensemble. It features a glittering gem detail on the back shaft, a soft sheepskin lining, and a Treadlite by UGGTM outsole. Step out in style with the Classic Gem Mini Bootie.

4. Kesey Bootie:

You can’t go wrong with the Kesey Bootie, an edgy bootie featuring an edgy combat design, water-resistant leather uppers, and a wool lining for warmth and durability. Take on the elements with confidence and flair in the Kesey Bootie.

5. Shaina Sweater Cuff Bootie:

This stylish bootie features a sweater-knit cuff, plush sheepskin lining, and a lightweight Treadlite by UGGTM outsole for lightweight traction and cushioning.

6. Classic Mini Bootie:

A UGG classic, the Classic Mini Bootie offers unparalleled comfort and style with sheepskin lining, water-resistant suede upper, and a Treadlite by UGGTM outsole.

7. Mika Bootie:

The Mika Bootie is a luxurious and stylish choice. This bootie makes a statement with a sleek silhouette, a soft sheepskin lining, and a durable rubber outsole.

8. Neumel Snow Boot:

You can conquer the winter season with the Neumel Snow Boot2, a cozy, rugged boot with a suede upper, a wool lining, and a Treadlite by UGGTM outsole for superior comfort and traction.

9. Alameda Chelsea Boot:

The Alameda Chelsea Boot gives you a classic and refined choice to add to your wardrobe. This boot features a stylish Chelsea-inspired design, a beautifully soft sheepskin lining, and a durable Treadlite by UGGTM outsole that provides lasting comfort and style2.

10. Polk Bootie:

You can channel your inner fashionista with the Polk Bootie, an eye-catching option. It features a bold buckle detail on the shaft, a soft sheepskin lining, and a TreadliteTM by UGGTM outsole for lightweight cushioning and traction2.

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11. Classic Short Bootie:

The Classic Short Bootie from UGGs offers a timeless appeal with a plush sheepskin lining, a water-resistant suede upper, and a Treadlite by UGGTM outsole.

Whether looking for everyday comfort or making a fashion statement, DSW offers an array of exquisite Women’s UGG Boots and Booties. You can find all of the UGG options on DSW’s website here. Look at the full collection of UGGs here and indulge in cozy luxury paired with fashion.

Men’s UGG Boots and Slippers At DSW

DSW presents the Men’s UGG Boots and Slippers collection, epitomizing ultimate comfort and style. The ultimate in luxury and sophistication, these UGG products are designed to keep your feet snug and fashionable. Let’s look at some of the best footwear options at DSW US to enhance your style.

1. Leisure Scuff II Slipper:

The Leisure Scuff II Slipper provides a cozy embrace, perfect for relaxing moments. This slipper offers a heavenly feel with its soft suede upper and plush sheepskin lining. And the best part? This luxurious comfort can be enjoyed at a discount, making this a stylish and budget-friendly option.

2. Classic Clog:

With the Classic Clog, you can enjoy comfort and style simultaneously. The Classic Clog ensures lasting comfort for everyday wear with a durable suede upper and a cushioned footbed.

3. Harkland Boot:

The Hartland Boot from UGG lets you tackle your outdoor adventures with confidence and style. This rugged yet sophisticated boot features a durable leather upper and a wool lining for extra warmth.

4. Bennison II Flip Flop:

This flip-flop features a soft leather upper and a cushioned footbed for relaxing walking. The Bennison II Flip Flop is the perfect combination of comfort and ease as you welcome the warmer days. Whether strolling by the beach or running errands, the Bennison II Flip Flop is your summer companion.

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5. Biltmore Boot:

Make a lasting impression with the Biltmore Boot, a sophisticated choice for the modern man. With its leather upper and soft lining, this boot perfectly balances fashion with coziness.

6. Ascot 2 Venetian Slipper:

This slipper offers unsurpassed comfort and style thanks to its premium leather upper and genuine sheepskin lining. Slip into luxury with the Ascot 2 Venetian Slipper, a true symbol of refined elegance. The Ascot 2 Venetian Slipper provides a luxurious treat whether you are relaxing at home or on a casual outing.

At DSW, you will find an extensive selection of Men’s UGG Boots and Slippers. There are numerous UGG options available at DSW that cater to your unique taste and lifestyle, whether you prefer loungewear for your daily adventures or versatile footwear for your daily adventures. Check out DSW’s website for the complete collection, and embrace UGGs that redefine comfort and elevate style.


Therefore, DSW Shoes sells UGGs and has become the premier destination for UGG enthusiasts as of 2023. With their diverse collection of UGG boots, booties, slippers, and more, you can indulge in the comfort and luxury that UGGs offer. DSW has a variety of styles to suit every taste and occasion, whether you are looking for a classic style or a trendy design.

As well as offering UGGs, DSW Shoes also offers a variety of other benefits that enhance your shopping experience, including free shipping and hassle-free returns. A pleasant shopping experience filled with convenience and rewards awaits you at DSW when you shop for UGGs.

We recommend that you visit DSW Shoes – in-store or online – to browse their amazing collection of UGGs. Your feet will thank you!

Check out DSW Shoes’ incredible selection of UGG boots today and experience the coziness of UGG right away!

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