Does DSW Sell Osiris Shoes?

Does DSW Sell Osiris Shoes?

If you’re in the market for top-notch skateboarding footwear and apparel, Osiris has been a trusted provider of high-quality products since 1996. You may have already heard of them. If you’re looking for durable and comfortable shoes, DSW is a great place to shop. But does DSW sell Osiris shoes? No need to fret! We have all the information you need . Let’s dive in.

Does DSW Sell Osiris Shoes?

Yes, DSW does sell Osiris Shoes. Their collection is known for its edgy designs and association with skateboarding and urban culture. You can find a curated assortment of Osiris shoes for both men and women at DSW, whether you’re a skateboarder looking for performance kicks or a fashion enthusiast seeking an urban edge. Trendsetters love Osiris’s unique designs, vibrant colors, and exceptional comfort. Thanks to their partnership with DSW, you can confidently express your individuality and embrace the urban style. So why wait? Head to DSW and step out in style with a trendy pair of Osiris shoes.

Some Popular Osiris Shoes At DSW

Here are some of the popular Osiris shoes that you may find at DSW if you’re intrigued by the allure of Osiris shoes and would like to visit DSW.

1. Stacy Adams Osiris Boot:

An elegant boot featuring mixed media uppers combining different materials for a unique appearance. A full-cushioned memory foam footbed provides exceptional comfort throughout the day, ensuring easy wear with the inside zipper. A rubber sole ensures reliable traction across a wide variety of surfaces. Stacy Adams’ Osiris Boot has a contemporary design that appeals to urban fashion enthusiasts. Furthermore, the clearance price of $99.98 as of 21 July 2023 makes it a highly affordable purchase.

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2. Dolce Vita Osiris Wedge Sandal:

The Dolce Vita Osiris Wedge Sandal will elevate your summer style. It features a captivating snake print upper that exudes sophistication and charm. It features an open-toe design with a square-toe design, adding an element of elegance, and the slip-on style ensures effortless wear. With their cushioned footbed and sporty midsole, these wedge sandals are a must-have for fashionable individuals. This Dolce Vita wedge sandal presents a 4-inch heel height and a 1.5-inch platform height. At a clearance price of $53.98 as of 21 July 2023, these shoes are a stylish addition to your footwear collection.

3. NYC83 CLK:

The NYC83 CLK skate shoe is a classic skate shoe with an upper made of synthetic materials and lace-up closure, providing an easy and secure fit. The padded collar and tongue provide enhanced comfort, making it an excellent choice for skateboarders and everyday wear. Various color options are available, allowing you to select a style that suits your personality. The cushioned insole ensures a supportive step, and the rubber sole provides excellent grip for smooth rides. Priced at $69.99 as of 21 July 2023, the NYC83 CLK offers a balance of style and functionality.

The Rise of Osiris Shoes

Let us take a moment to understand what Osiris is all about before we explore DSW and Osiris shoes. Founded in 1996 in Southern California, Osiris was a skateboarding apparel and footwear brand. Aside from skateboarders, their unique design and emphasis on functionality quickly attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts seeking an urban edge.

It is not surprising that Osiris shoes are so popular with shoe enthusiasts worldwide. For starters, their distinctive designs capture the essence of urban culture. They make a bold statement with their eye-catching patterns and vibrant colors, making them a favorite among fashionistas worldwide.

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Furthermore, Osiris shoes are more than just stylish. They are built to perform. With their sturdy construction and cushioned soles, they are made to stand up to skateboarding as well as everyday use.

Pros of Buying Osiris Shoes at DSW

It is worth keeping in mind a few advantages of purchasing Osiris shoes from DSW. Here are some of them:

1. Wide Selection of Styles:

If you are looking for a pair of Osiris shoes that fits your style, DSW has a wide selection available.

2. In-Store Try-On:

By purchasing Osiris shoes from DSW’s physical stores, you will be able to try them on before making a purchase, reducing the chances of having an unpleasant online shopping experience.

3. Discounts and Deals:

Osiris shoes can be found at a more affordable price at DSW, thanks to frequent promotions, discounts, and special offers.

4. Availability in Local Stores:

Despite the fact that Osiris shoes are not available online, they are still available at select DSW brick-and-mortar locations. Customers have the convenience of being able to purchase the shoes immediately without having to wait for delivery.

Tips for Finding Osiris Shoes at DSW

The following tips will assist you in finding the right Osiris shoes at DSW:

1. Utilize the Store Locator:

To locate nearby Osiris shoe retailers, use DSW’s store locator on their website prior to your shopping trip.

2. Call Ahead:

If you wish to avoid disappointment, call the DSW store ahead of time in order to ensure they have Osiris shoes in stock.

3. Stay Updated on New Arrivals:

Subscribe to DSW’s newsletters or follow their social media accounts to stay up-to-date on new Osiris shoe arrivals.

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Alternative Sources for Osiris Shoes

There are alternative sources where you can explore and purchase Osiris footwear if you are unable to locate them at your local DSW store or prefer online shopping:

1. Osiris Official Website:

You can explore the full range of styles and sizes directly on the official Osiris website, which features a comprehensive collection of the company’s latest shoe models.

2. Zumiez:

Osiris shoes are also available at Zumiez, a renowned retailer of skateboarding apparel and accessories.


To conclude, DSW is proud to offer a fantastic selection of Osiris shoes, welcoming skateboarders and fashion-forward individuals alike. It is an adventure worth taking to discover your ideal pair of Osiris shoes at a physical store, even though they are not available for purchase online through DSW.

In order to express your unique style, step confidently into the world of Osiris shoes at DSW and embrace their edgy designs, vibrant colors, and exceptional comfort. DSW has the Osiris shoes to complement your journey in style, whether you are a skateboarder seeking optimal performance or a trendsetter seeking a chic statement piece.

If you can’t find your perfect pair of Osiris shoes in your local DSW store, you can explore alternative sources. Happy shopping, and may your Osiris shoes fit perfectly for your urban endeavors.

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