Does DSW Sell Frye Boots?

Does DSW Sell Frye Boots?

In the fashion footwear industry, Frye boots have become iconic. Due to their high-quality leather and signature style, Frye boots command high prices at luxury retailers. Many shoe lovers wonder if you can find discounted Frye boots in more budget-friendly stores such as DSW.

With hundreds of locations across the United States, DSW is one of the nation’s largest footwear retailers. The store sells designer shoes at discounted prices but does this selection include the popular Frye brand? 

Does DSW Sell Frye Boots?

Yes, DSW sells Frye boots. However, the selection is limited. The DSW Store carries past season and surplus Frye boot stock and marks them down 30-50% off their retail price. By diligently searching both in-store and online, shoppers can find discounted Frye boots. In addition to older models, Frye boots are not always the latest fashions. Nevertheless, savvy shoppers can take advantage of sales events and locations to unlock significant savings on genuine Frye boots.

How to Verify Authenticity of Frye Boots at DSW

Authenticity is a concern when buying discounted luxury items. How can shoppers be sure DSW’s Frye boots are authentic?

It is, fortunately, possible to authenticate Frye boots before purchasing them using the following methods:

1. Examine branding and materials.

A Frye product is made with high-quality leather, suede, rubber, and hardware. Items made with inferior materials are fakes.

2. Check stitching and construction.

The stitching on Frye boots should be neat and even with no loose threads. Poor workmanship is considered a red flag.

3. Inspect the outsole.

Outsoles from Frye feature the Frye logo and size information embossed into the rubber. This information should be legible and crisp.

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4. Look for the Frye tag inside the boot shaft.

Frye tags will include the style name, size, production number, and material. Fake tags appear clearly different.

5. Match the boot box to the boot.

Typically, Frye boot boxes feature prominent branding and should have a tag that corresponds to the boot tag.

6. Ask DSW associates for verification.

Additionally, they can assist in confirming the authenticity of a boot because they are an authorized retailer.

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to ensure that your Frye boots from DSW are the real McCoy. Although the hunt can be challenging, you will be able to score steep discounts on true American classics.

Pros and Cons of Buying Frye Boots at DSW

If you are considering purchasing Frye boots from DSW, here are a few pros and cons to consider:


1. Significant cost savings

Purchasing past-season Frye boots at DSW can save you up to 50% compared to retail.

2. Access to premium brands

A chance to own true luxury boots is available through DSW because the company provides middle-market consumers with access to expensive but coveted brands like Frye.

3. Environmentally friendly

When we purchase past-season surplus inventory, we are reducing unnecessary manufacturing and waste. It is more environmentally friendly than purchasing all new items.

4. Fun treasure hunt thrill

During a shopping trip, finding hidden Frye deals offers a thrilling thrill of the chase. Outwitting MSRP is a rewarding experience.


1. No guarantees

Customers may leave empty-handed if DSW does not offer discounted Frye boots.

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2. Limited selection

Currently, only past-season and overstock Frye styles are available. It is not possible to purchase the newest fashionable Frye styles.

3. Potential defects

In comparison to brand-new boots, past-season boots are more likely to have minor cosmetic flaws or wear.

4. Inconsistent availability

Frye stock appears at random based on extra inventory. There is no guarantee that each item will remain in stock at all times.

If you are looking for genuine Frye boots at a great price, DSW is worth a look for budget-conscious fashionistas. Just remember to temper your expectations in the case of selection and availability. With smart timing and persistence, you can score stylish Frye boots at a great price.


In conclusion, DSW sells authentic Frye boots and shoes at sizable discounts for the smart shopper. Though the selection is limited to past seasons and overstock, diligent buyers can find real deals on the iconic styles of Frye. Make sure your stitching, branding, and materials are authentic. Despite the lack of guarantees regarding finding specific looks at DSW, the thrill of the hunt and the potential 50% savings are worthwhile. Be aware of the limitations regarding the selection and availability of shoes when approaching the purchasing process. Fashionistas interested in older models may find DSW to be an excellent option for real Frye quality at outlet prices. Make time to browse, and you will receive premium boots without paying premium prices.

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