Does DSW Recycle Shoes?

Does DSW Recycle Shoes?

Does DSW recycle shoes? That’s a question you might have if you have some old or unwanted shoes lying around in your closet. Throwing them away is not only wasteful but also harmful to the environment. Americans throw away about 300 million pairs of shoes every year, and it takes up to 80 years for a pair of shoes to decompose. Not to mention the amount of water and energy used to produce new shoes, which contributes to climate change and resource depletion. The question is, does DSW recycle shoes?

Does DSW Recycle Shoes?

Yes, DSW recycles shoes, but they do more than that. They also donate them to people in need through their partnership with the nonprofit Soles 4 Souls. When you bring your new or gently worn shoes to any DSW store, you not only help the environment by reducing waste and carbon emissions but also help stop poverty in its tracks. The Soles 4 Souls micro-enterprise program turns your shoes into sellable products for small businesses in developing countries, providing them with resources to buy food, shelter, and education.

How To Recycle Shoes on DSW?

Recycling shoes from DSW is easy and rewarding. You can donate any type of shoes, from sneakers to sandals, as long as they are new or gently worn.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Bring your shoes to any DSW location. You can find the nearest store using the store locator. Make sure you bring your receipt, as it will be needed for verification. The store staff will inspect the shoes and make sure they are suitable for donation. If accepted, the shoes will be donated to a local charity.
  • Let a store associate know you’d like to donate, and add your shoes to the donation box. You can also use the DSW app to scan your shoes and track your donations. Your shoes will be donated to charity, and you’ll be helping those in need. DSW will also make a donation on your behalf for every pair of shoes donated. Thank you for making a positive difference in your community!
  • The store associate will apply 50 points to your DSW VIP account*. You can earn up to $40 in credit towards new purchases by donating shoes weekly in August. You can also enjoy other perks like free shipping, birthday rewards, and exclusive offers as a DSW VIP member. Plus, you can get access to exclusive sales and promotions. As a VIP member, you’ll receive priority customer service and more. Sign up today to take advantage of these great benefits!
  • Check your email for shipment tracking information. You can see where your shoes are going and who they are helping. Your purchase will also help support a great cause. DSW donates 1% of its profits to charities that focus on footwear and fashion. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to help those in need.
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*You must have at least 1 point in your account to receive the $10 reward. Shop now and help make a difference! Every purchase counts. Together, we can make a positive impact!

Benefits of Recycling Shoes At DSW

Recycling shoes from DSW is not only good for the environment but also for the people who receive them. Here are some of the benefits of recycling shoes from DSW:

1. Less Waste:

Giving old shoes a new home has kept 5 million+ pounds of textiles out of landfills. That’s equivalent to saving 25,000 trees or 2.5 million gallons of water. It also saves energy and reduces carbon emissions associated with the production of new clothes. Reusing shoes also reduces the need for additional resources, such as water, that go into making new clothes.

2. Better Air:

Donated shoes have eliminated 120 million+ lbs of carbon emissions created by shoe manufacturers. That’s equivalent to taking 10,000 cars off the road or planting 1.5 million trees. By donating your shoes, you are helping to reduce the amount of carbon emissions and pollution associated with shoe production. Your donation will also help to provide shoes to those in need, allowing them to access basic necessities.

3. More Resources:

The Soles4Souls micro-enterprise program has provided 5 thousand+ families the resources to buy food, shelter, and education. By selling donated shoes in their communities, they can earn a sustainable income and improve their quality of life. The program also provides training, mentorship, and business support to ensure that families are able to maximize their profits. Additionally, Soles4Souls is committed to providing long-term support to ensure that families are able to remain self-sufficient.

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4. More Happiness:

Donating shoes can make you feel good about yourself and make a difference in someone else’s life. You can see the impact of your donation by watching this of a shoe distribution in Haiti. You can also share these stories of impact with others to help spread awareness of the positive impact of donating shoes. Your donation can help someone in need, and it can also bring you joy.


In conclusion, yes DSW does recycle shoes through their partnership with Soles4Souls. As summarized in this post, DSW customers can bring new or gently used shoes to any DSW store and donate them to be recycled. The donated shoes are then distributed to people in need all over the world through Soles4Souls.

This program reduces waste, carbon emissions, and the need for new resources while providing shoes and sustainable income for impoverished communities. By donating your old shoes at DSW, you can make a real positive impact. Readers who want to get involved should bring their shoes to their local DSW store today. Together, we can reduce waste and spread joy by giving old shoes new life.

As you can see, DSW recycles shoes in a way that benefits both the planet and the people. Recycling shoes at DSW is a simple and rewarding way to reduce your environmental footprint and support a worthy cause. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your old shoes and head to your nearest DSW store today. You’ll be glad you did!

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