Does DSW Sell Baby Shoes?

Does DSW Sell Baby Shoes?

When looking for shoes for your baby, it can be difficult to choose the right ones. They must be cozy, comfortable, and durable while also being affordable and easy to locate. That’s why many parents and caregivers wonder if DSW offers baby shoes. There is no denying that DSW offers a wide range of footwear for adults and children, but what about babies? Don’t worry. In this blog post, we’ll answer whether dsw offers baby shoes and also take a closer look at DSW’s baby shoe collection if it offers. Our guide will walk you through some of the best brands, styles, and deals at DSW for your little one. So, if you’re ready to learn more about DSW’s baby shoes, let’s get started.

Does DSW Sell Baby Shoes?

Yes, absolutely! DSW sells baby shoes. They have a lovely collection of baby shoes from various brands, so you will have a lot of choices to choose from. They also offer discounts on baby shoes, which means you can find great deals on quality shoes. In addition, they offer a wide range of discounts on selected items, so you should visit their website or visit their store for further information. Additionally, they offer free shipping with a minimum purchase.

Furthermore, their customer service team is always on hand to assist you in any way they are able to do so. We believe DSW has earned many positive testimonials about its baby shoes through its fast shipping, generous return policy, and helpful customer service. DSW is a company that we can trust as a reliable and trusted online supplier of baby shoes.

Popular Baby Shoes Options At DSW

These are some of the most popular baby shoes that you can find at DSW:

1. Stride Rite Taye 2.0 Sneaker – Kids’ for $34.99.

In navy or pink, this sneaker has a hook and loop fastening and a memory foam insole, as well as a rubber traction sole.

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2. adidas Altaventure 2.0 Water Sandal – Kids’ for $37.99.

It features an adjustable strap closure, a mesh upper with synthetic overlays, and a rubber sole.

3. Stride Rite Nick Sneaker – Kids’ for $34.99.

The sneaker features a lace-up closure, leather uppers with mesh panels, and a rubber sole.

4. Michael Michael Kors Baby Borium Crib Shoe – Kids for $34.98.

With a slip-on design, a faux leather upper with logo details, and a soft fabric lining, this crib shoe offers both style and comfort.

5. Roxy Bayshore Sneaker – Kids’ for $38.99.

This casual sneaker features a slip-on design, canvas upper with glitter accents, and rubber sole.

6. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Cribster Sneaker – Kids’ for $29.96.

It is a classic and iconic sneaker with a hook and loop strap closure, a canvas upper with the Nike logo patch, and a soft fabric lining.

7. Keds Champion Mary Jane Sneaker – Kids’ for $37.99.

This an adorable and girly sneaker with a hook and loop strap closure, a canvas upper with a floral print, and a rubber sole.

How to Shop for Baby Shoes at DSW

When visiting the DSW website or visiting one of their stores, it is important to keep the following information in mind:

1. Use the filters.

Using the DSW website, you can filter baby shoes by gender, size, color, brand, width, style, and feature. This will allow you to narrow down your choices and find what you are looking for quickly.

2. Check the size chart.

The size of baby shoes can vary from brand to brand, so it is important to check the size chart before ordering online. You can find the size chart on the product page or on the DSW customer service page. For the best fit, you should measure your baby’s feet and compare them to the chart.

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3. Read the reviews.

Read customer reviews on the product page or on the DSW app to gain valuable insights into the quality, comfort, and fit of baby shoes. Look for reviews that discuss the pros and cons of the shoes, as well as any tips regarding sizing and care instructions.

4. Visit a store.

In case you would like to see and feel the baby shoes in person, you may visit a local store in your area. You may use the store locator on the website or app to locate your closest store. Before visiting the store, you may also wish to check the availability of the baby shoes online. Keep in mind, however, that not all stores may have a similar selection of baby shoes.

5. Take advantage of the perks.

If you are shopping for baby shoes at DSW, you will have some benefits that you should not miss out on. For example, you can get free shipping on orders over $75 or free in-store pickup on any order. In addition, you can participate in the VIP program and earn points, rewards, and discounts on every purchase. Throughout the year, you will also be able to participate in exclusive events and offers.

Tips for Buying Baby Shoes Online From DSW

In order to ensure that you get the right fit and style for your little one, you should keep a few things in mind when shopping for baby shoes online from DSW or any other retailer. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Measure your baby’s feet:

To ensure that you purchase the correct size of baby shoes online, it is important to measure the baby’s feet. You can do this with either a foot-measuring device or by tracing the baby’s foot on a piece of paper and measuring it with a ruler.

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2. Check the size chart:

Make sure you check the size chart provided by the retailer after you have obtained your baby’s foot measurements. Different brands may have different sizing, so it is important to check the size chart for each brand.

3. Read reviews:

When you purchase baby shoes online, read reviews from other customers to determine if they fit properly or if there are any quality or fit issues.

4. Consider the style:

If you are purchasing baby shoes online, consider the style of the shoes and whether they will be appropriate for your baby. If your child is just starting to walk, you may want to choose shoes with non-slip soles.

5. Watch them move:

Make sure your baby tries the shoes on and walks around in them after receiving them to make sure that they fit properly and are comfortable.

Using these tips, you can ensure that you are purchasing baby shoes online from DSW or any other retailer that has the right fit and style.


In conclusion, DSW certainly sells baby shoes, and they offer a wide range of options from various brands, including toddler shoes, kids’ shoes, and boys’ shoes. There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for baby shoes at DSW, whether you are shopping online or in-store. There are several tips that can help you purchase baby shoes from DSW successfully, including using filters, checking the size chart, reading reviews, and taking advantage of the perks. Additionally, when purchasing baby shoes online, it is important to measure your baby’s feet, take into consideration the style, and observe how they move in the shoes. With these tips in mind, parents and caregivers can find the right shoes for their little ones at DSW, whether they need booties, sneakers, or sandals.

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