Are Vivaia Shoes Available in Stores?

Are Vivaia Shoes Available in Stores?

You’ve noticed a sudden increase in ads for Vivaia shoes, and the brand is getting more popular day by day as they spend heavily on advertising. However, these shoes seem to only be available for purchase on their website, leaving you curious – “Are Vivaia shoes available in stores?” so that you can try them on before buying. In this blog post, I will be answering this question and providing you with all the information you’re looking for regarding Vivaia’s in-store availability. Let’s get started!

Are Vivaia Shoes Available in Stores? [Answer]

Yes, VIVAIA shoes are available in physical retail locations through pop-up stores, and they are also sold online. The brand has had pop-up shops in New York City and Los Angeles, and it plans to launch in Dillard’s in the spring of 2024.

VIVAIA shoes can be purchased on their official website, through Nordstrom’s website, and they are considering permanent storefronts in the U.S. and other countries.

Vivaia’s Distribution Model

Vivaia mainly sells shoes online, directly to people who buy them. This way, the brand can share a lot about how they make each pair of shoes in an eco-friendly way. Selling online helps Vivaia cut down on pollution, which is better for the planet. They focus on making it easy for everyone to understand why their shoes, like the comfy flats or the stylish boots, are good for the environment.

By selling straight to customers on the internet, Vivaia can tell people all about the good things they do, like turning plastic bottles into beautiful shoes. This includes all kinds of shoes, such as boots that keep your feet dry in the rain and flats that are kind to your feet.

They put a lot of effort into making sure customers know how their choice helps the earth. This is why you can find a lot of different shoes on their website, from boots for a rainy day to heels that make a statement but are still comfy.

Vivaia has many types of shoes to choose from. They have everything from heels that make you stand out to flats that are perfect for everyday wear. They even make special shoes for people who need extra room or support, like the stylish Mary-Jane flats. People really like these shoes and say good things about them, like how well they’re made and how nice they look.

The people at Vivaia work hard to make shopping with them a great experience. If you’re looking for something special, like shoes made from unique materials or in hard-to-find styles, Vivaia’s online store is the place to look. They also have great customer service to help you pick the right shoe or solve any problems.

Vivaia chooses to sell their shoes online so they can keep an eye on how many shoes they make. This means less waste and ensures every shoe, from the fancy heels to the casual loafers, is just right. This careful approach shows how much Vivaia cares about making high-quality, eco-friendly shoes without harming the planet.

Physical Retail Presence of Vivaia Shoes

Vivaia mainly sells online, but you can sometimes find their shoes in real stores. These moments are rare because Vivaia likes to sell online. But sometimes, Vivaia works with eco-friendly stores or has special pop-up events to show off their shoes, like the comfy flats or stylish boots made from recycled bottles. This shows Vivaia really likes selling online but still gives you a chance to see their shoes in person sometimes.

At these special events or stores, you can actually try on Vivaia shoes. This is great for feeling how comfy they are or seeing how they look on your feet. You can check out different styles, like the square-toe mary-jane or the knee-high boots, right there. This way, you can find the perfect size or style for your feet.

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Adding a bit more, seeing Vivaia shoes in a store lets you touch the materials, like the soft fabric made from plastic bottles. It’s a good way to see how nice the shoes are made. Plus, trying on shoes like the arch-support insoles can help you decide if they’re right for you. You can see all the colors and designs up close, like the round-toe flats or the pointed-toe flats, and pick what you like best.

How to Purchase Vivaia Shoes

Finding Your Perfect Vivaia Pair

Looking for Vivaia shoes? It’s simple. Whether you want boots, flats, or heels, start at Vivaia’s website. It’s where they showcase everything from comfy flats to stylish boots, all made from recycled bottles.

You’ll find shoes for all, whether your feet are wide or narrow. Plus, they share how each shoe goes from bottle to your closet, focusing on comfort with supportive insoles.

This makes choosing your perfect shoe, like the popular Margot Mary-Jane or the elegant Vienna flats, both easy and informative.

Expanding Reach Through Online Partners

Not just on their site, Vivaia shoes spread out through selected online shops too, making it easier to find these eco-friendly shoes. These partners help Vivaia reach more people, offering everything from their signature water-repellent boots to sophisticated deep ebony shoes.

This move helps Vivaia touch more lives with sustainable fashion, bringing good quality footwear to doorsteps worldwide. Every purchase from these retailers echoes Vivaia’s commitment to the planet, amplifying the impact of your eco-conscious choices.

In-Store Experience Opportunities

Prefer trying on shoes before buying? Vivaia’s got you covered with occasional in-store options. They team up with eco-friendly stores and pop up in places like New York City now and then. These rare chances let you experience the shoes, feel their fit, and see their colors up close.

It’s a special opportunity to find your perfect match, from the snug arch support in their flats to the durable heels in their boots. Each event or store visit becomes a chance to dive deeper into what makes Vivaia shoes a blend of style, comfort, and sustainability.

Choosing Vivaia means you have options. From the sleek look of pointed-toe flats to the bold design of square-toe chunky heels, there’s a style for every taste. Their customer service team is ready to help you pick the right size, style, and color.

Whether you’re drawn to the casual vibe of round-toe flats or the office-ready square-toe loafers, Vivaia ensures quality and comfort. Every step in Vivaia shoes is a step towards a more sustainable future, underlining the brand’s mission to blend fashion with eco-consciousness seamlessly.

Shopping Experience: Online vs. In-Store

Shopping online for Vivaia shoes is super convenient. You get to see all the shoes they offer, like flats and boots, right from home. You can learn a lot about how they use recycled bottles for their shoes and find the perfect style for you. Plus, reading what other customers say helps you decide. It’s like having all the shoes and info you need at your fingertips.

But, shopping online means you can’t try the shoes on right away. You can’t feel how the shoes fit or see how they look on your feet before you buy them. This is something you can only do in a store. Even though stores might not have every Vivaia shoe, trying on a pair gives you a clear idea of how comfortable they are and if they fit just right.

Stores let you see and try the shoes in real life. You can check out the colors up close, see how the shoes feel, and walk around in them. This is great for making sure you’re happy with your choice. But remember, stores might not have all the styles, like those cool knee-high boots or the special mary-janes.

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So, shopping for Vivaia shoes can be done both online and in stores, but each has its own perks. Online shopping offers more choices and information, while shopping in a store gives you the experience of trying before buying. Whether you’re looking for boots with arch support or stylish flats, it’s about finding what works best for you.

Finding Vivaia Shoes Near You

Looking for Vivaia shoes in a store near you? Start with the Vivaia website and their social media. They share the latest on pop-up shops and retail partnerships. This is how you find out where you can see and buy Vivaia’s eco-friendly shoes, like flats made from plastic bottles or comfy knee-high boots.

Also, Vivaia has tools like store locators and apps to help you find stores selling their shoes. It’s not common to find Vivaia shoes in many stores, but these tools help. If you want to try their shoes, like the soft flats or stylish heels, these resources are useful. Check ahead to see if the store has the style you want, like the popular Margot mary-jane.

Adding a bit more to your search, contacting Vivaia’s customer service can also be a big help. They can tell you about the latest stock and sizes. This is great if you’re looking for something specific, like boots with good support or flats that are good for wide feet. Vivaia aims to mix fashion with being kind to the planet, offering shoes for all tastes.

Why Vivaia Chooses Few Physical Stores

Vivaia focuses on selling shoes online more than in stores. This helps the planet because making and selling fewer shoes in stores means less waste. Vivaia makes cool shoes like flats and boots this way, keeping our Earth in mind. Selling online lets Vivaia keep making high-quality, eco-friendly shoes without the hassle of many stores.

Selling online, Vivaia reaches you directly, offering many types of shoes, from stylish boots to comfy flats. This direct selling cuts down on extra shoes that no one buys, which is good for our planet. It also means Vivaia can listen to what you like, such as more room for wide feet or extra comfy insoles, and make their shoes even better.

By selling mostly online, Vivaia makes sure every shoe, from the fancy heels to the snug sneakers, is top-notch. They use recycled stuff, like plastic bottles, to make their shoes, showing off how stylish recycled materials can be. This choice supports keeping our planet green and making sure you get great shoes.

This way, Vivaia can quickly update its shoe styles, like adding new colors or making shoes that fit better. This keeps the shoes fresh and exciting, and it means you can always find something new and trendy, like the latest boots or flats that go with everything.

Choosing not to have many stores is part of Vivaia’s plan to help our planet and make shopping simple for you. You can easily find and buy their eco-friendly shoes online, knowing you’re choosing a brand that cares about the Earth. This makes it easy for you to support a greener world with every pair of shoes you buy.

Alternatives to Consider

Looking for eco-friendly shoes in physical stores? Allbirds and Rothy’s are great options. These brands, like Vivaia, focus on making products that are good for the planet. They use recycled materials, like plastic bottles, to make everything from comfy sneakers to stylish boots available in many stores. This means you can try before you buy, ensuring a perfect fit for your feet.

Allbirds shoes are known for their comfort, making them great for daily wear. Rothy’s offers elegant flats and mary-janes that don’t sacrifice style for eco-friendliness. Both brands provide a variety of shoes for different needs, such as arch support for those who need it and water-repellent options for rainy days.

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These brands cater to all sorts of customers, not just those with wide feet or a need for special sizes. Whether you’re in the market for durable cowboy boots, sleek loafers, or sporty sneakers, you’re likely to find the right fit. Shopping in person lets you feel the quality and see the style up close, which is a big plus.

In stores, you can also get help from staff who know a lot about these eco-friendly shoes. They can tell you more about how to take care of your shoes so they last longer or what’s trending in sustainable fashion. This personalized service can make shopping for shoes a much better experience.

Lastly, shopping for Allbirds or Rothy’s in stores might get you access to special deals or styles that aren’t available online, like unique colors or limited edition models. This makes going to the store an exciting adventure where you might find something special and eco-friendly for your wardrobe.

Future Plans and Updates

Vivaia is always working to make their sustainable shoes more accessible to everyone. Right now, they focus a lot on selling online. In the future, they might start selling in more stores or even open their own stores in important places. Keep an eye on what Vivaia shares for any news on this.

They want to make it easier for you to find and buy their eco-friendly shoes. By planning to partner with more stores and maybe opening their own, Vivaia is thinking about how to reach more people. This means you might soon find Vivaia shoes in a store near you, making it simpler to see their quality and try them on before buying.

Vivaia’s idea is to offer more types of shoes, like comfy flats, stylish boots, and heels that feel good to wear, in more places. They’re all about making shoes that are good for the planet and look great too. By possibly moving into stores, they hope you’ll have a new way to shop for shoes that match your style and are kind to the earth.

Adding to these plans, Vivaia aims to introduce a wider variety of shoe styles. This includes elegant pointed-toe flats, versatile knee-high boots, and super comfy round-toe flats. This expansion means not just selling in more places but also offering more choices to find the perfect shoe for any occasion.

Vivaia’s effort to grow in retail stores is about giving you a direct way to experience their shoes. Shopping in person can help you find the best fit and feel for your feet. It’s all part of Vivaia’s mission to blend eco-friendliness with the convenience and personal touch of shopping in a store.

By thinking about opening in key markets, Vivaia is not just expanding; they’re making it more convenient for you. Whether you like shopping online or prefer seeing the product in person, Vivaia wants to be where you are. This approach shows they’re serious about making sustainable fashion available for everyone, without compromising on the quality or comfort they’re known for.


In conclusion, Vivaia shoes have very limited availability in physical stores. The brand focuses on selling shoes through their own website. However, Vivaia has hosted temporary pop-up shops in some major cities to allow in-person try-ons. While plans for permanent brick-and-mortar stores are under consideration, the full selection of Vivaia’s sustainable shoes is currently only available on their e-commerce site.

So while some in-person shopping opportunities exist, online purchasing directly through Vivaia is the best way to buy their stylish and eco-friendly shoes right now. Check out their website today to view the full collection and find the perfect pair of Vivaia flats, boots, or heels to add to your wardrobe!

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