Does DSW Take Apple Pay?

Does DSW Take Apple Pay?

Mobile wallets and contactless transactions have become increasingly popular as a result of technology in today’s fast-paced world. The convenience and security of these transactions have greatly enhanced consumer confidence. Apple Pay is widely utilized by consumers as a mobile payment method, allowing them to complete transactions with ease using their iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches. You may be wondering if DSW accepts Apple Pay if you are planning to shop there. Let us examine the current state of affairs and find out if Apple Pay is accepted at DSW. Does DSW Take Apple Pay?

Does DSW Take Apple Pay?

At the time of this writing, DSW is not currently accepting Apple Pay as a payment method, meaning that customers are unable to pay for purchases in-store or online using Apple Pay.

Although Apple Pay has gained popularity as an effective and convenient mobile payment option, DSW has chosen to offer customers alternative payment options. Among these alternatives are credit cards, debit cards, DSW gift cards, and PayPal. With these payment methods, customers can still enjoy a seamless shopping experience at DSW. In the following section, we will discuss the alternative payment methods that DSW accepts in more detail.

Alternative Payment Methods Accepted at DSW

DSW offers a wide range of alternative payment options that make shopping easy and convenient. The following are some options that provide convenience, flexibility, and security to our customers:

1. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover:

The DSW store accepts a wide range of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can make a secure transaction with your credit card and enjoy the benefits and rewards you are entitled to.

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2. PayPal:

By linking your PayPal account with your DSW purchase, you will be able to enjoy a quick and secure checkout process without the need to enter your credit card information.

3. DSW Gift Cards:

Gift cards from DSW can be purchased online or in-store. These gift cards are a great option for gifting or personal use. DSW gift cards provide you with the freedom of selecting shoes, accessories, and more from a wide selection while applying their value toward your purchase conveniently.

4. DSW Merchandise Credit:

You can easily use DSW merchandise credit to pay for your purchases if you have it. Regardless of whether you received merchandise credit as part of a return or as part of a promotion, it functions as a form of payment, allowing you to purchase your preferred footwear without using traditional payment methods.

5. Afterpay:

In partnership with Afterpay, DSW provides an installment payment option. With Afterpay, you can split your purchase into four interest-free payments, which are automatically charged to your selected payment method every two weeks. It is possible to shop for shoes and accessories immediately with Afterpay while managing your budget effectively.

With the assistance of these alternative payment methods, including major credit cards, PayPal, gift cards, merchandise credit, and Afterpay, customers can complete their purchases at DSW in the most convenient manner possible. Whether you prefer the convenience and security of digital payments or the flexibility of installment options, DSW ensures that your shopping experience is tailored to your preferences, allowing you to enjoy the latest footwear trends with ease.

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Future Possibilities for Apple Pay at DSW

As of July 12, 2023, DSW will not accept Apple Pay as a payment method. However, it is interesting to consider the potential future integration of Apple Pay. Although DSW has not yet made any official announcements regarding Apple Pay, the following are some trends and developments that may impact its adoption and use:

1. Expansion to More Countries and Regions:

Globally, Apple Pay has been expanding steadily, with a particular focus on Europe and Asia. It is possible for DSW to consider integrating Apple Pay in the future to cater to a wider customer base as Apple Pay continues to gain popularity and establish partnerships with financial institutions.

2. Peer-to-Peer Payments:

Users would be able to send and receive money easily through the introduction of peer-to-peer payments via Apple Pay. As a result of this feature, Apple Pay could become more convenient and versatile and potentially become an attractive payment option for consumers as well as retailers such as DSW.

3. Integration with Cash Machines:

Technology may eventually integrate Apple Pay with cash machines, allowing users to withdraw money with their iPhones or Apple Watches as technology advances. In addition to providing a comprehensive digital wallet solution, this integration would enhance Apple Pay’s convenience and versatility.

4. Competition from Alternative Mobile Payment Services:

Despite Apple Pay remaining a popular mobile payment option, it is competing against other payment services such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal. As DSW strives to offer diverse payment options that cater to the preferences of its customers, it is possible that the presence of these alternative payment services could influence its decision regarding Apple Pay integration.

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5. Increased Demand for Contactless Payments:

Due to their hygiene and convenience advantages, contactless payment methods have been increasingly adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the increasing popularity of contactless payments, Apple Pay may become increasingly popular, prompting DSW to consider incorporating it to satisfy customer expectations.

DSW is aware that the future of Apple Pay integration is speculative, and any decision to implement this integration will be affected by factors such as market demand, technological advancements, and strategic objectives. While Apple Pay presents potential opportunities, it also faces challenges related to security, privacy, regulation, and competition. Only time will reveal how Apple Pay evolves and whether it becomes part of DSW’s payment options.


As a conclusion, DSW does not currently accept Apple Pay, but they provide its customers with a variety of alternative payment options for a seamless shopping experience. The options include major credit cards, PayPal, DSW gift cards, DSW merchandise credits, and Afterpay, among others. Although it is unclear whether Apple Pay will be integrated into DSW in the future, DSW continues to prioritize customer convenience and adapt to changing payment trends.

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