Does DSW Sell Oofos?

Does DSW Sell Oofos?

When it comes to comfortable and supportive shoes for recovering after a long day of walking, running, or working out, you may have heard about Oofos. In comparison to conventional foam footwear, Oofos recovery footwear absorbs 37% more impact. In addition to reducing foot, joint, and back stress, Oofos are claimed to improve your health and happiness.

But where can you buy Oofos? Does DSW sell Oofos? DSW is a popular retailer of shoes, boots, sandals, and accessories for women, men, and children. It offers a wide variety of brands and styles at good prices, and it also offers free shipping and returns for VIP members2. DSW is known for its quality products and excellent customer service, but does it carry Oofos?

Does DSW Sell Oofos?

Yes, DSW does sell Oofos as of July 28, 2023. Oofos products can be found on the DSW website or in your nearest DSW store. The DSW store offers a variety of Oofos products for both women and men, including sandals, slides, clogs, and shoes. If you wish to browse the Oofos collection on the DSW website, you may type “Oofos” in the search bar or filter by brand. You may also use the store locator on the DSW website to locate a DSW store near you that stocks Oofos.

Popular Oofos Shoes at DSW

Here are some of the popular Oofos shoes at DSW based on our research if you are ready to purchase your pair:

1. OOFOS OOriginal Flip Flop

With its minimalistic design, the Oofos flip flops have been synonymous with comfort and support. They are made of durable and lightweight OOfoamTM, which absorbs impact and reduces stress on your feet, joints, and back. In addition to a textured footbed that massages your feet, it also has a non-slip outsole, ensuring traction and stability. Several colors are available, including black, navy, mocha, and cloud.

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2. OOFOS OOlala Flip Flop 

There is a sleeker and more streamlined silhouette in this version of the original OOFLIP FLOP. This flip-flop features a glossy upper that adds some shine and style to your look, as well as OOfoamTM technology, which cushions your feet and enables faster recovery. It also features a patented footbed that conforms to your arches and a durable outsole that resists wear and tear. Several colors are available, including black, latte, rose gold, and blue jay.

3. OOFOS OOcloog Clog 

The Oofos clog is versatile enough to be worn both indoors and outdoors. The shoe features a closed-toe design that protects your toes and a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cool and dry. Furthermore, it is equipped with the same OOfoamTM technology that provides unparalleled comfort and support. There are also removable insoles that allow you to customize the fit of the shoe, as well as rocker bottoms that enhance natural motion. The shoe is available in a variety of colors, including black, plum, and graphite.

4. OOFOS OOmg Shoe 

With this fully closed shoe, Oofos offers the benefits of OOfoamTM in conjunction with a soft and flexible fabric upper. This shoe has a slip-on design that allows for easy fitting and taking off. Furthermore, it has a moisture-wicking lining that prevents the growth of bacteria and odors, as well as a 4-way stretch mesh upper that adapts to your foot shape. Furthermore, this shoe is equipped with a biomechanically designed footbed that supports the arches of your feet as well as a rubber outsole that provides durability and grip. Various colors are available, including black, white, and gray.

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These are some of the most popular Oofos shoes at DSW, available online or in-store. The shoes are designed to aid in recovery and relief after a long day of strenuous activity.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Oofos for You?

It might be difficult for you to determine which pair of Oofos is right for you if you’re interested in buying them from DSW. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

1. Consider your foot size and shape.

If you are between sizes and are in doubt about your size, it is advisable to size up for a roomy fit or size down for a snug fit. You can also check out the size chart on DSW’s website to determine your perfect size. Despite being designed to fit all foot shapes and widths, Oofos might need to be tried on in-store before being purchased online if you have a very narrow or wide foot.

2. Consider your foot condition and needs. 

Most foot conditions and needs can be addressed using Oofos, including plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, bunions, hammertoes, diabetes, arthritis, etc. You should consult your doctor or podiatrist before wearing Oofos. However, if you suffer from a particular medical condition or need to wear special footwear or orthotics.

3. Consider your personal style and preference. 

Depending on your personality and wardrobe, Oofos come in various colors and styles. Choose from classic black or white colors, or opt for vibrant shades like pink or blue. Aside from sandals (Ooriginal), slides (Oolala), clogs (OOcloog), and shoes (OOmg), you can also pick from a variety of styles such as sandals (Ooriginal), slides (Oolala), and shoes (OOmg). All types of outfits and occasions can be paired with your Oofos.

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Therefore, it is true that DSW does sell Oofos, so if you are looking for recovery footwear that will make you feel good as well as look good, you should look at the Oofos collection at DSW. You will find a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to suit your preferences and needs. As well as sandals for the beach, slides for the spa, clogs for the garden, and office shoes to suit your needs.

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