Does DSW Sell Jelly Shoes?

Does DSW Sell Jelly Shoes?

Jelly shoes are a type of plastic footwear that has been around for decades. They were originally made from leftover PVC material from World War II and became a fashion craze in the 1980s and 1990s. Known for their colorful, translucent, and flexible design, as well as their ability to withstand water and heat, jelly shoes are a fun and practical footwear choice.

With the revival of 90s fashion trends, jelly shoes have made a comeback. But where can you find them today? If you’re a fan of DSW, a leading footwear retailer founded in 1991 with over 500 stores across the US and Canada, you may be wondering – does DSW sell jelly shoes? Let’s find out!

Does DSW Sell Jelly Shoes?

After searching the DSW website using relevant keywords like “jelly shoes” and “plastic shoes“, we found that, yes, DSW does sell jelly shoes! There are several options from various brands, styles, and price points. Some examples include:

Steve Madden Sweeti Jelly Flat –

Cute and simple pink or clear jelly flats with a round toe, bow detail, and cushioned footbed for $19.99.

Crocs Crocband Flip Flop –

Durable and comfortable jelly flip flops in many colors, featuring a textured footbed, sporty stripe, and signature Crocs logo for $24.99.

Melissa Mar Wedge Sandal –

Stylish black or beige jelly wedge sandals with an open toe, ankle strap, and platform heel for $99.99.

By using DSW’s website filters for women’s shoes, sandals, and plastic materials, you can browse even more jelly shoe options.

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Tips for Finding Jelly Shoes at DSW

If you want to purchase jelly shoes from DSW, here are some helpful tips:

– Search online using relevant terms, categories, and filters to narrow down options

– Check store availability for your preferred size and color before going to the store

– Ask sales associates for in-store assistance to locate jelly shoes or check the backroom

Reviews of DSW’s Jelly Shoes

Before buying jelly shoes from DSW, reading customer reviews can give insight into the quality and style. Here are some common pros and cons:


– Great variety of cute, fun, trendy, and versatile styles

– Affordable and reasonable pricing


– Some fit issues with shoes running small, large, too tight, or loose

– Cheap quality and durability complaints of breaking easily

DSW offers affordable jelly shoe styles and brands, but try them on first and check return policies in case of fit or quality problems.

Where Else to Buy Jelly Shoes

If DSW doesn’t have the jelly shoes you want, here are some other retailers to consider:

– Zappos –

Large online selection, free shipping, and returns, 365-day returns

– Nordstrom –

Upscale department store with free shipping, returns, and high-end brands

– Amazon –

Huge selection, low prices, fast delivery but variable policies

For the best online jelly shoe selection and hassle-free shopping, we recommend checking out Zappos.

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Jelly Shoes

When selecting jelly shoes, keep these tips in mind:

– Consider proper fit, color, heel height, and intended outfit or occasion

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– Match with casual jeans and tee, girly dress or skirt, or beachy shorts and tank

– Browse style examples like [Steve Madden casual jelly flats], [Melissa girly jelly wedges] or [Crocs beach jelly sandals]

Jelly shoes are a playful footwear choice you can find at DSW and other retailers. We hope this guide to availability, reviews, and selection tips helps you pick the perfect pair! Let us know if you have any other jelly shoe questions.


Jelly shoes are a fun fashion trend that has come full circle. DSW offers a variety of brands and styles of jelly shoes at affordable prices. However, carefully read reviews and try shoes on yourself to ensure proper fit and quality.

If DSW doesn’t have what you’re looking for, retailers like Zappos, Nordstrom, and Amazon also sell jelly shoes. Consider factors like intended use, outfit pairing, comfort, and personal style when selecting the perfect jelly shoes for you.

We hope this post gave you all the information you need to decide if DSW sells the right jelly shoes for your needs. Let us know in the comments if you’ve purchased jelly shoes from DSW or other retailers, how you wear them, and what styles you love! Enjoy bringing back this playful 90s trend in a pair of colorful, flexible jelly shoes.

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