Does DSW Sell Japan Shoes? 

Does DSW Sell Japan Shoes? 

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, you might be interested in wearing Japanese shoes, slippers, and sandals. Japanese footwear is known for its unique design, craftsmanship, and comfort. Whether you are looking for traditional shoes like geta and zori or modern shoes like sneakers and pumps, you can find a variety of styles and brands from Japan. But where can you buy Japanese shoes? And does DSW sell Japan shoes?

Does DSW Not Sell Japan Shoes?

No, DSW does not sell Japan shoes. DSW is a leading retailer of footwear and accessories in the US, Canada, and Australia. It offers a wide range of shoes from top brands like Nike, Adidas, UGG, Steve Madden, and more. However, it does not carry any Japanese shoe brands or styles. You won’t find any Japan shoes at DSW stores or online.

How to Find Japan Shoes Online

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find Japan shoes elsewhere. In fact, there are many online stores that specialize in selling authentic Japanese footwear to customers worldwide. You can browse through their collections and order your favorite pairs with ease. Some of these online stores are:

1. Japan Objects Store:

This is an online store that sells various Japanese products, including shoes, clothing, accessories, art, and more. You can find traditional and modern Japanese shoes for men and women, such as geta, zori, tabi, waraji, sneakers, pumps, and more.


This is an online store that sells Japanese ladies shoes in Singapore. It is curated by a former Japanese shoemaker who ensures that you receive only the best quality and comfort. You can find a range of shoes from different Japanese brands, such as COCORO, AMERICAYA, RECIPE, SUaSHI, and more.

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3. Bespoke Unit:

This is an online platform that provides guides and reviews on various topics related to men’s style, grooming, lifestyle, and more. It also features a guide on the best Japanese shoe brands for men, such as Hiro Yanagimachi, TYE Shoemaker, Yohei Fukuda, Eiji Murata [Main d’Or], and more.

What to Look for When Buying Japan Shoes

As you can see, there are many online stores that sell Japan shoes that you can choose from. You can shop for these shoes from the comfort of your home and enjoy the quality and style of Japanese footwear. However, before you buy any pair of Japan shoes, there are some things that you should consider:

1. Size:

Japanese shoe sizes are different from US shoe sizes. You should check the size chart of each online store and measure your feet carefully before ordering. You should also take into account the width and shape of your feet and the type of shoe you are buying.

2. Material:

Japanese shoes are made from various materials, such as leather, fabric, rubber, wood, bamboo, straw, etc. You should choose the material that suits your preferences and needs. For example, if you want a breathable and natural material, you might opt for fabric or straw shoes. If you want a durable and waterproof material, you might go for leather or rubber shoes.

3. Style:

Japanese shoes come in various styles, such as traditional or modern, casual or formal, flat or heeled, open or closed, etc. You should choose the style that matches your outfit and occasion. For example, if you want to wear a kimono or yukata (Japanese robes), you might choose traditional shoes like geta or zori. If you want to wear jeans or skirts, you might choose modern shoes like sneakers or pumps.

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4. Price:

Japanese shoes vary in price depending on the brand, quality, design, and material. You should set a budget for yourself and compare the prices of different online stores before buying. You should also look for discounts or coupons that might save you some money.


In conclusion, DSW does not currently sell any shoes from Japanese brands or in Japanese styles. As a major footwear retailer in the US, Canada, and Australia, DSW focuses on popular American and European brands. Customers looking for authentic Japanese footwear like geta, zori, or modern sneakers and pumps will not find them at DSW’s stores or websites. However, there are specialty online retailers that import and sell a wide selection of shoes from Japanese shoemakers and brands. By checking international sites that specialize in Japanese products, fashion, and culture, shoppers can browse and purchase high-quality Japan shoes. Just be sure to verify sizing charts, materials, styles, and prices first. While DSW is not a source for Japan shoes, they can still be found through certain dedicated global fashion websites and stores.

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