Does DSW Sell Irregular Shoes?

Does DSW Sell Irregular Shoes?

Have you ever come across a pair of shoes at DSW that seem cheaper than usual and have some sort of flaw or defect? These are likely “irregular” shoes, and they can be a major score if you know how to spot them. In this blog post, I’ll give you the inside scoop on buying irregular shoes from DSW—the good, the bad, and how to find the best deals.

First things first—what are irregular shoes? Irregular shoes have minor cosmetic flaws or defects that prevent them from being sold as first-quality merchandise. These issues could be something as minor as a scuff, a loose thread, or slightly uneven coloration. The flaws don’t affect the structure, comfort, or durability of the shoe. Irregular shoes are produced when there are defects in the manufacturing process or they get damaged during shipping and handling.

While the flaws make them unsellable as “perfect” shoes, irregular shoes are far from junk. They just don’t meet the strict aesthetic standards for first-run merchandise. But for the savvy shopper, these shoes can be serious steals.

Does DSW Sell Irregular Shoes?

As of August 2023, DSW continues to sell irregular shoes both online and in many brick-and-mortar locations. On their website, you can browse the “Irregular Clearance” category to find majorly marked-down shoes with defects. There’s also an “Irregular Nine West” section featuring the brand’s imperfect shoes at up to 70% off.

In stores, many DSW outlets have dedicated clearance sections where you can find irregular shoes mixed in with other discounted merchandise. Some locations also have specially marked “irregular racks” specifically for imperfect shoes. Keep in mind that options vary by location. Call ahead to check irregular shoe availability at your local store.

How to Identify Irregular DSW Shoes

Spotting irregular shoes takes a careful eye. Some shoes will be marked with an “irregular” sticker or branded with an “I” or “IR.” However, others may have no obvious marking. Here are some tips for identifying irregular shoes at DSW:

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– Closely inspect for any flaws like scuffs, discoloration, glue marks, or uneven seams.

– Check that both shoes match in color, pattern, and size. Mismatched pairs often indicate irregulars.

– Look for red stickers on the box or inside the shoe marking them as irregular.

– Try the shoes on and walk around. Make sure the fit feels right, and there are no defects affecting comfort or function.

The Benefits of Buying Irregular Shoes

Despite their flaws, irregular shoes have some compelling benefits:

Cost savings: 

Irregular shoes are marked down significantly—sometimes up to 70% off retail price. The minor defects let you score serious designer shoe deals.

Unique style: 

The flaws make each irregular shoe one-of-a-kind. You likely won’t see anyone with the same exact defects.

Eco-friendly choice: 

Purchasing an irregular shoe keeps it out of a landfill. It’s a greener choice than trashing slightly imperfect shoes.

The Potential Drawbacks of Irregular Shoes

Of course, there are also some potential downsides to buying irregular footwear:

Inconsistent quality: 

The severity and type of flaws can vary widely, even within the same shoe style. You may get lucky with a barely-noticeable mark or stuck with a shoe that’s unwearable.

No returns: 

DSW has a firm no-returns policy for irregular shoes. If you aren’t satisfied, you’re stuck with them.

Limited selection: 

The availability of irregular shoes is sporadic. You may not find your size or choice of styles.

Tips for Finding the Best Irregular Shoe Deals

To maximize your chances of scoring big on irregular DSW deals, keep these tips in mind:

– Check online and in stores frequently. Irregular inventory is always changing. A new shipment could have that perfect pair in your size.

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– Remain open-minded about styles and be flexible. You likely won’t find exactly what you’re looking for, so browse with an open mind.

– Examine carefully in good lighting and try shoes on. Don’t rely only on DSW photos which may not show flaws clearly.

– Know your proper size. Irregular sizing issues are common, so having your measurements makes for smarter purchases.

Should You Buy Irregular Shoes from DSW?

While nabbing crazy deals on defective designer shoes sounds tempting, irregular DSW shoes do carry some risks. My advice is to set expectations properly. Understand that these are imperfect shoes, but they could still be great bargains if you shop carefully. Always thoroughly inspect potential purchases and know your foot size.

If you want the quality assurance and predictability of normal first-run shoes, irregulars may disappoint. But for the savvy shopper hoping to score designer shoes at unbeatable prices, irregular DSW shoes can be a goldmine. Just enter the clearance aisles with open eyes, and you can walk away with an amazing deal.

Have you purchased irregular shoes from DSW? Let me know about your experiences and tips in the comments!

What Do Customer Reviews Say About Irregular DSW Shoes?

Reviews of irregular DSW shoes are decidedly mixed. Some customers are thrilled with their discounted finds, while others are disappointed by the extent of the flaws.

On the positive side, many shoppers are pleasantly surprised by the high quality and minor defects of the irregular shoes they purchase. For example, one satisfied DSW customer wrote:

“I bought these super cute wedges at 70% off retail price because they were irregulars. The only flaw I could find was a small scuff on the inside heel of one shoe. Other than that, they are perfect! I get so many compliments when I wear them. I’ll definitely be shopping the irregular section more often.”

However, other customers share horror stories about irregular shoes falling apart or being completely unwearable despite the discount. As one dissatisfied reviewer complained:

“I ordered a pair of Irregular Nine West boots online. When they arrived, they had holes in the soles, cracked leather, and were covered in stains. They looked like they’d been worn for years. I tried to return them but DSW refused since they were irregular. I wasted $50 on boots I had to throw away. Never again!”

The reviews make it clear that the quality and severity of flaws are unpredictable with irregular shoes. While some shoppers score fantastic deals, others end up with worthless products. It’s a gamble.

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Alternatives to Buying Irregular Shoes

Purchasing irregular footwear from DSW isn’t your only option for finding discounted designer shoes. Here are a few other ways to save:

– Check designer brand outlets like the Nike Factory Store, Kate Spade outlets, or Timberland outlets for quality shoes at reduced prices due to being last season’s styles.

– Browse consignment stores like Plato’s Closet or online resellers like Poshmark and ThredUp for secondhand designer shoes in good condition.

– Use apps and websites that offer discounted new shoes, like or ShoeDazzle. Sign up for newsletters and wait for big sales.

– Get customized designer shoe styles through services like Shoes of Prey, where you can design affordable made-to-order shoes.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy?

At the end of the day, whether irregular DSW shoes are worth purchasing comes down to managing your expectations.

If you go in expecting perfection, you’ll likely be disappointed. But if you know you’re buying imperfect discounted shoes that may have minor or major flaws, you can score serious deals. With smart shopping, irregular shoes can be a budget-friendly way to feed your designer shoe addiction.

Have you taken the irregular shoe plunge at DSW? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments!

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