Does DSW Sell Hoka Shoes?

Does DSW Sell Hoka Shoes?

Are you looking for shoes that make you feel like you’re running on clouds? Perhaps you’ve heard of HOKA shoes, the revolutionary footwear that has revolutionized the running world. As a result of HOKA shoes, runners of all levels and distances are provided with maximum cushioning, stability, and durability. However, where are you going to find these amazing shoes? Are HOKA shoes available at DSW? We will answer these questions and many more in this blog post. By the end of this post, you will know whether DSW sells HOKA shoes and which option is most appropriate for you.

Does DSW Sell Hoka Shoes?

Yes, as of July 18, 2023, DSW does sell Hoka shoes. DSW, a prominent footwear retailer in the US, now offers a diverse selection of Hoka footwear for men, women, and children. Running enthusiasts can experience superior cushioning, stability, and comfort with Hoka’s innovative design, which incorporates thick midsoles and meta-rocker technology. The strategic partnership between DSW and Hoka provides runners and fitness enthusiasts convenient access to popular running shoes. If you are an experienced athlete or a casual runner, DSW has your dream pair of Hoka shoes, elevating your running experience to new heights.

Popular Men’s Hoka Shoes Options Available At DSW (2023)

If you are looking for high-performance footwear that offers comfort, stability, and cutting-edge technology, look no further than Hoka One One. Hoka shoes have become a favorite among athletes of all levels due to their revolutionary designs and superior cushioning. Fortunately, DSW, the prominent footwear retailer, offers various popular men’s Hoka shoes that cater to various running preferences and needs. Here are some of the more standout models:

1. Hoka One One Infinite Performance Running Shoe – Men’s:

 With its innovative oversized midsole that excels at shock absorption and stability, Hoka One One Infinite Performance Running Shoes are perfect for long runs. This shoe is designed to keep you going for miles so you won’t get fatigued with every step. The breathable mesh upper ensures proper ventilation, while the cushioned tongue and collar provide additional support. This exceptional performance shoe can be purchased for just $89.941.

2. Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoe – Men’s:

Hoka One One’s Bondi 7 Running Shoe is one of the most cushioned options in their lineup. With its full-length EVA midsole and early-stage meta-rocker technology, this shoe delivers unparalleled comfort and efficiency. You can achieve a secure fit with lace-up closures while enjoying the mesh upper and synthetic overlays for breathability. This shoe is priced at $149.99, making it an excellent investment in the performance of runners.

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3. Hoka One One Clifton 8 Running Shoe – Men’s:

Hoka One One’s Clifton 8 Running Shoe is ideal for runners looking for lightweight and responsive performance. Its compression-molded EVA midsole and early-stage meta-rocker provide a smooth, soft ride that keeps you moving forward. This versatile shoe offers comfort and support thanks to its flat-waisted geometry and engineered mesh upper. You can purchase this versatile shoe for $129.993.

Popular Women’s Hoka Shoe Options Available At DSW (2023)

A beloved brand among women who seek outstanding running shoes that are cushioned, stable, and offer a smooth ride, Hoka One One has become the industry standard. The renowned footwear retailer DSW offers a wide selection of popular Hoka shoes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options available.

1. Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoe – Women’s:

Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoe is renowned for its unsurpassed cushioning and balanced ride. It features a full-length EVA midsole, early-stage meta-rocker technology, and a memory foam heel collar for superior comfort. This high-performance shoe is available for $149.99 and features a mesh upper with synthetic overlays that provide breathability and support, along with lace-up closure and rubber outsoles.

2. Hoka One One Clifton 8 Running Shoe – Women’s:

The Hoka One One Clifton 8 Running Shoe is an excellent choice as a lightweight and responsive running shoe. This shoe is a great choice with its compression-molded EVA midsole, early-stage meta-rocker, and flat-waisted geometry. Featuring an engineered mesh upper that keeps feet comfortable and well-ventilated, as well as a padded tongue and collar, which provides additional support and comfort. With its inherent stability and rubber outsole, this shoe offers an excellent combination of performance and cost at $129.99.

3. Hoka One One Gaviota 3 Running Shoe – Women’s:

A great choice for overpronators seeking stability and support the Hoka One One Gaviota 3 Running Shoe. J-FrameTM technology is incorporated into the heel and medial side of the foot, enhancing the smooth transition with late-stage meta-rocker. This stability-focused shoe is available at DSW for $159.993 with a mesh upper and synthetic overlays, lace-up closure, and a rubber outsole. The arch-lock wings system secures the midfoot for added stability.

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HOKA’s Innovative Features

HOKA’s innovative features set the brand apart as a standout running shoe. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that make HOKA shoes a favorite among runners:

1. Maximum Cushioning:

With a thick and plush midsole, HOKA shoes offer superior shock absorption and cushioning, reducing the impact on joints and muscles during long-distance runs, thus enhancing comfort and endurance.

2. Meta-Rocker Technology:

As a result of the unique Meta-Rocker technology found in HOKA shoes, this dynamic feature propels the foot forward while minimizing the height difference between the heel and toe, simplifying running and enhancing efficiency.

3. Lightweight Construction:

While HOKA shoes feature generous cushioning, they remain surprisingly lightweight. HOKA’s innovative materials and cutting-edge technologies ensure their shoes maintain agility without sacrificing performance.

4. Active Foot Frame:

A deep and wide footbed that cradles and secures the heel is part of the Active Foot Frame in HOKA shoes. Due to its strategic design, this shoe provides superior stability and support, preventing excessive pronation and supination. Additionally, it accommodates various foot shapes, thus meeting the needs of a diverse range of runners.

5. PROFLY™ and J-FRAME™ Technologies:

With PROFLYTM and J-FRAMETM, HOKA addresses specific running needs. Using PROFLYTM, a dual-density midsole, balance, and propulsion are provided through softer cushioning at the heel and firmer response at the forefoot. As an alternative, J-FRAMETM is a stability feature that uses firmer foam along the medial side of the shoe to prevent excessive foot inward rolling.

To learn more about HOKA’s technology and features, visit its official website or read reviews. These innovative features collectively contribute to HOKA’s popularity and effectiveness among runners.

How HOKA Shoes Benefit Runners

1. Superior Shock Absorption

With their thick midsoles and cushioned design, HOKA shoes are known for their superior shock absorption ability, making them an excellent selection for long-distance runners or those suffering from injuries.

2. Enhanced Stability and Balance

You can experience a smooth and stable transition during every stride using the meta-rocker technology in HOKA shoes. This feature enhances your running efficiency and reduces the risk of you falling and rolling your ankle.

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3. Versatility for All Terrains

With durable outsoles and versatile designs, HOKA shoes are suitable for various terrains, ensuring you can easily overcome any running challenge, no matter what your preference is for road or trail running.

4. Lightweight Design

While HOKA shoes have thick cushioning, they are surprisingly lightweight. This allows you to maintain a brisk pace without feeling fatigued.

Tips for Properly Fitting HOKA Shoes

1. Get Your Foot Professionally Measured

It is vital to measure your feet before purchasing HOKA shoes. Visit a specialty shoe store or a podiatrist to have your feet measured professionally, considering factors such as arch type, width, and length.

2. Test Different Models

Try several HOKA models to find the most comfortable and supportive for your unique foot shape and gait.

3. Allow Room for Toe Movement

If you run for an extended period, leave a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe to prevent discomfort and toe injuries.

4. Try Shoes with Socks

If you are testing HOKA shoes, wear the socks you usually use when running to ensure a proper fit.


In conclusion, HOKA shoes, available at DSW, have revolutionized the running experience with their innovative designs and top-notch features. For men, the HOKA One One Infinite Performance, Bondi 7, and Clifton 8 offer exceptional cushioning and stability for various running needs. The Bondi 7 and Clifton 8 offer smooth riding experiences, while the Gaviota 3 offers stability.

A favorite among runners is the HOKA’s standout features, such as maximum cushioning, meta-rocker technology, and lightweight construction. Your running will be comfortable and energized by their superior shock absorption, enhanced stability, and flexibility for a wide range of terrain.

You should receive professional measurements and test different models of HOKA shoes to determine the perfect fit. HOKA shoes stand out among their competitors due to their excellent stabilization and maximum cushioning.

So whether you are a seasoned athlete or a casual runner, HOKA shoes from DSW will elevate your performance, giving you an experience like no other.

Happy running!

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