Does DSW Sell Chacos?

Does DSW Sell Chacos?

If you are planning your next outdoor adventure, you may wonder if DSW offers Chaco sandals. Chacos are among the most popular brands of hiking sandals, known for their durability, comfort, and versatility. Additionally, Chacos can be found in a variety of styles, colors, and fits, so you can find the perfect pair for your personal preference. They are designed to provide support and traction on a wide variety of terrains, such as water and trails.

The purpose of this blog post is to answer the question: does DSW sell Chacos? In addition, we will compare the benefits of purchasing Chacos from DSW if they offer them.

Does DSW Sell Chacos?

Yes, DSW does sell Chaco-brand sandals and shoes. DSW’s inventory is subject to change based on location and season, so it is best to check their website at or contact your local store to inquire about the current stock available. The best way to stay up-to-date on the latest styles is by signing up for email alerts. If you want the best choice of Chaco sandal styles, you should shop in the summer. You should be aware that less common widths and sizes may be limited, so be sure to call ahead if you seek a hard-to-find size or width. DSW’s website allows you to browse specific Chaco styles and see if they are available in your local dsw store.

Popular Chacos Shoe Options Available at DSW

Here are some of the most popular Chacos shoes, along with key features and specifications:

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1. Chaco Revel Slip-On – $29.99

This versatile slip-on sandal features durable polyester webbing with a padded toe loop for comfort, a lightweight EVA midsole, and a ChacoGrip rubber outsole. Available in men’s sizes 7-15.

2. Chaco Townes Sandal – $109.99

The sandal is made with a combination of EVA midsole and a non-marking ChacoGrip outsole with 3mm lugs. There are whole and half sizes available from 5-13 in regular and wide widths.

3. Chaco Cloud X2 Sport Sandal – $99.99

This sandal features a jacquard webbing upper, an adjustable heel riser, and a signature Cloud footbed with LUVSEAT arch support, making it ideal for outdoor activities and water activities. It is available in whole sizes 4-15, regular and wide widths. The outsoles are 30% thicker than the original Chacos for enhanced durability.

4. Chaco Lowdown Sandal – $69.99

This flat sandal features a double jacquard webbing toe loop for an adjustable fit, along with a sturdy heel strap. The contoured LUVSEAT footbed provides arch support, and the sole features a non-slip texture.

5. Chaco Z/Cloud 2 Sport Sandal – $104.99

This athletic sandal features a Z-style strap system as well as a Cloud footbed. It features a non-marking ChacoGrip outsole and an EVA midsole for comfort. Available in whole sizes 4-15 for both men and women.

6. Chaco ZCloud Sandal – $99.99

The sandal has a polyester jacquard upper and a signature Z-style strap across the forefoot. The footbed is made of LUVSEAT polyurethane with arch support. The outsole is ChacoGrip rubber.

Why Buy Chacos from DSW?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to purchase Chacos from DSW: 

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1. Variety

With a wide selection of Chaco sandal styles for men, women, and kids, DSW makes it easy to find the right Chaco sandal for your needs, whether it be a classic model such as the Chaco Z1, or a newer style like the Chaco Tetra or Barca.

2. Great prices

As a major footwear retailer, DSW is able to provide very competitive pricing on Chaco sandals. In addition, they frequently offer promotions and sales, giving you the opportunity to find a great deal on your sandals.

3. Convenient shopping

A large online selection and over 700 retail locations across the United States allow DSW to offer a convenient shopping experience. If you wish to purchase Chacos, either visit a store near you or browse online at any time. Whatever the case, DSW makes it simple for you to locate and purchase Chacos.

4. Reliable shipping

With DSW, you will benefit from reliable and fast shipping. Most in-stock items will arrive within 3-6 business days. Expedited shipping is available for an additional cost if you require your Chacos as soon as possible. 

5. Hassle-free returns

If you are unsatisfied with your Chacos or they do not fit you, DSW offers a generous return policy. You can easily return Chacos by mail or in any DSW store within 60 days of purchase.

6. DSW Rewards program

With every Chacos purchase, you will earn points, which add up to monetary rewards. These rewards can be used on future purchases to maximize savings.

Whether you are shopping for Chacos sandals, apparel, or accessories, DSW is the right place to buy your favorite Chacos sandals, thanks to its variety of styles, great prices and discounts, convenient shopping options, reliable shipping, easy returns, and Rewards benefits.

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It is clear that DSW sells Chacos sandals. The selection varies from location to location. However, many DSW stores carry popular Chacos models, including the Chaco Z/Cloud, Lowdown, Townes, and Revel Slip-On. In addition to providing the convenience of trying on sandals in-store and ordering online, DSW also offers competitive pricing, frequent sales and promotions, easy returns, and rewards programs. The Chaco selection at DSW offers a great deal at a great price. DSW has a variety of Chacos to suit your needs, whether you are looking to add to your collection or purchase your first pair of Chacos. With proper care, Chacos are durable and versatile outdoor sandals that are capable of handling adventures both on land and on water. The Chacos brand is a well-known brand, and fans of the brand will have a convenient and affordable shopping experience at DSW.

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