Does DSW Sell Bowling Shoes?

Does DSW Sell Bowling Shoes?

It is likely that you are wondering whether DSW sells bowling shoes if you are a bowling enthusiast or someone who loves hitting the lanes. We will explore the availability of bowling shoes at DSW in this article and provide you with all the information you need to find your ideal pair of bowling shoes at DSW. We will also shed light on where you can find other suitable bowling shoes in the future.

Does DSW Sell Bowling Shoes? 

No, DSW does not sell bowling shoes.

In accordance with their official website, the information has been verified to be accurate. There are currently no bowling shoes offered by DSW. However, you can find bowling shoes in local pro shops as well as online at reputable companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods or You may wish to check the sizing chart on the website you are ordering from, as sizes may vary depending on the brand. Additionally, you may want to try on the shoes at a local retailer to ensure they are appropriate for you. Additionally, it is important to purchase a shoe that matches your bowling style and preferences. Therefore, customers seeking bowling shoes should not visit DSW but should instead look for bowling shoes from other vendors.

Finding Bowling Shoes Elsewhere

If you are looking for bowling shoes other than Dick’s Sporting Goods or, consider exploring these alternative stores. As a result, you have a wide variety of alternative options where you can obtain a wide selection of bowling shoes that meets your needs. You may want to explore specialized bowling stores, bowling pro shops, and reputable online retailers specializing in bowling equipment for your purchase.

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1. Specialized Bowling Stores:

Many dedicated bowling shops carry a comprehensive line of bowling shoes catering to both recreational and competitive bowlers. These stores have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in choosing the appropriate pair of bowling shoes to suit your needs.

2. Local Bowling Pro Shops:

The pro shop at most bowling alleys provides a complete selection of bowling equipment, including bowling shoes. These pro shops are typically staffed by experienced bowlers who can provide valuable insights and suggestions tailored to your particular bowling style.

3. Reputable Online Retailers:

There are many online retailers that offer bowling shoes for all skill levels, including and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Reputable online retailers make finding bowling shoes easier than ever. To assist you in making an informed purchase decision, these platforms provide detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and sizing guides.

You’ll have a better chance of finding a pair of bowling shoes that meet your specific needs by exploring these alternative sources. Be sure to consider factors such as fit, sole type, durability, style, and price when choosing your bowling shoes.

Benefits of Bowling Shoes

As opposed to regular shoes, bowling shoes have sliding and braking soles that are optimized for the polished surfaces of bowling lanes. Bowling shoes are specially designed for this sport. As a result of this unique sole construction, bowlers are able to achieve controlled slides during their approach, providing improved accuracy and balance.

Besides having sliding and braking soles, bowling shoes also feature non-marking soles. This prevents you from leaving unsightly marks or damaging the alley’s surface, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable experience in the bowling alley. As a result of using bowling shoes instead of regular bowling alley shoes, you may be able to maintain a consistent approach and enhance your overall performance.

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Exploring Bowling Shoe Options

When looking for bowling shoes, you will come across two main categories:

  1. Performance shoes
  2. Rental shoes.

Bowling shoes with performance features, such as interchangeable soles and heels, allow you to customize your approach according to the conditions on the lane.

As an alternative, rental shoes are typically available at bowling alleys for casual or occasional bowlers who do not wish to invest in a pair. These shoes are designed to provide basic functionality and comfort during your game.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bowling Shoes

Consider these factors when purchasing your own pair of bowling shoes:

1. Fit:

You should wear bowling shoes that fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. Maintaining balance and stability during your approach requires proper fit.

2. Sole type:

You should consider the type of sole you need based on your bowling style and the conditions of the lane. Different soles offer varying levels of traction and slide.

3. Durability:

To ensure long-lasting performance, choose bowling shoes that are made from durable materials with reinforced stitching and quality construction.

4. Style and design:

Although functional bowling shoes are essential, you can also choose a pair that matches your personal style. Many brands offer stylish designs to suit a variety of tastes.

5. Price:

Choose bowling shoes within your budget and explore options within that range. Investing in a quality pair of shoes will enhance your performance and enjoyment of the game.


To conclude, DSW, a popular shoe retailer, does not currently offer bowling shoes. However, specialized stores and online retailers specialize in bowling shoes, offering a wide variety of options to bowlers. You may want to explore local bowling pro shops, as well as online retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and when seeking bowling shoes that meet your needs and preferences.

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If you choose the right bowling shoes, you will enhance your balance, accuracy, and overall enjoyment of the game. So slip on your bowling shoes and head for the lanes today for an unforgettable bowling experience!

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